• break dance

    | februar 2014
  • billowing

    playing with a beamer and a glass of water. stones animated in c4d. video captured frame by frame as a stopmotion. | mai 2014
  • _forever making

    The making of for This Void - Forever vimeo.com/85974117 with: THIS VOID, Tim Bärwalde, Andreas Hofstetter, Laura Elisabeth Husemann, Max Fellner, Lorenz Raab, Lea Semmel & Simon Steinberger camera: Andreas Hofstetter, Max Fellner, Lorenz Raab & Simon Steinberger edit: Lorenz Raab music: Manisionair - Hold Me Down ft. Revier facebook.com/MANSIONAIR band: thisvoid.com/   | february 2014
  • schinkenworscht – a stranded making of

    schinkenworscht was meant to be the making of of This Void's music video Them Guns (weit weg von us). Major problems with the planed location led to cancell the script and do an other video. Nevertheless there had already been enough material for a making of, which was too nice to be abandonned. Therefore schinkenworscht is the making of of a never completed music video. in dthe leading roles: This Void, Lea, Ella und Hofpetter & Steinschlägel | juni 2013
  • alt_ctrl_g

    alt_ctrl_g is about the exhibtionism of workspaces. In Berlin many, espacially creative working, offices have gone to former retail stores. With the dusk the transparency of this rooms is shifting. it is tranforming from taking part on the street life to a fishbowl. So the work itself is exhibited. | february 2013
  • for two

    for two is based on the occupation with the potic private. When we withdraw, closing the doors and and closing the curtains, we are not mandatory encapsulated. cell phone, tablet or laptop are allways in reach and and potential in view of their cameras as well. for two pay attetion to this point of view. | february 2012
  • gezeiten (tides)

    gezeiten deals with text in videos. In the Video text gains the leading part. The text itself refers to its urban environment. On the edge of readability it seems to be a digital motion graphic. The video however was shot on the nocturnal streets of Berlin and the text projected with small beamer powered by a car battery. | july 2013