• Es ist alles eitel.

    We are surrounded by „Eitelkeit“. Eitelkeit is a German term which describes both vanity and vanitas. The half-life of content and positions is quite low in the digital. In quick, but fierce waves they concentrate under certain hashtags. The hashtag however remains an empty shell, mostly bereft of its content or solely disguise. Nervously and in flurry these waves are jittering over the screens. Leaving one unable to comprehend. Opposite to that the pure human mortality – calm and inevitable. Statistically every 0.8 seconds someone is dying worldwide. This beat is just as hard to grasp and nevertheless relativising. In this installation the observer is standing in front of a screen on which a stream of tweets is being shown, with hashtags concerning vanitas. Opposite to that a row of mirror reflect the shine of a candle. With the beat of the mortality rate, they are shifting from the flame to the face of the observer. Every thing is eitel. practical part of the master thesis | januar 2017