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Es ist alles eitel.

We are surrounded by „Eitelkeit“. Eitelkeit is a German term which describes both vanity and vanitas. The half-life of content and positions is quite low in the digital. In quick, but fierce waves they concentrate ...

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The technological revolution has become so omnipresent, that its conspicuity has faded. The smartphone has rushed towards the borders of ubiquitous computing. Like a Swiss army knife it aggregates a multitude of digital tools. re/manifest ...

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Our every day life gets constantly interrupted by smartphones. While waiting for the bus to arrive or inbetween tasks we activate the screen. Despite knowing nothing new has occourred, as there was no push message. ...



On/off tries to give you the possibility to control your routers WiFi-signal. Routers are usually stored somewhere out of sight and no one really makes the afford to figure out the meaning of the blinking ...


desire lines

research for desire lines. complete pdfs: trails | icons | clues | november 2014


break dance

| februar 2014



playing with a beamer and a glass of water. stones animated in c4d. video captured frame by frame as a stopmotion. | mai 2014


reversing memoir – floppy cam

The separation of photography and analogue film has led to increasingly unmanageable load of pictures. Often it is not the aim to make one good picture, but to take many to select the best of ...


reversing memoir – floppy projector

Digital photography made it possible to carry around hundreds of pictures in your pocket. Therwa amount of these images however makes it increasingly hard to appreciate each. Quite the different is true for the more ...

forever 3

_forever making

The making of for This Void – Forever with: THIS VOID, Tim Bärwalde, Andreas Hofstetter, Laura Elisabeth Husemann, Max Fellner, Lorenz Raab, Lea Semmel & Simon Steinberger camera: Andreas Hofstetter, Max Fellner, Lorenz Raab ...


saving Narcissus

saving Narcissus is an interactive installation or piece of furniture, which aims to save us from our narcissistic affections. The initial point of this work is the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus. In this ...


class resistance

class resistance was a one-week project about measuring our class at the university. By hitting the button the device measures the electrical resistance between the two copper elektrodes. The result is displayed on the LCD. ...



cut is a battery powered low-budget laser etch‘n‘scratch. The workspace of this device is about 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm and is working with a 1 W near-infrared laserdiode, which has enough power to leave ...


schinkenworscht – a stranded making of

schinkenworscht was meant to be the making of of This Void’s music video Them Guns (weit weg von us). Major problems with the planed location led to cancell the script and do an other video. ...



alt_ctrl_g is about the exhibtionism of workspaces. In Berlin many, espacially creative working, offices have gone to former retail stores. With the dusk the transparency of this rooms is shifting. it is tranforming from taking ...


for two

for two is based on the occupation with the potic private. When we withdraw, closing the doors and and closing the curtains, we are not mandatory encapsulated. cell phone, tablet or laptop are allways in ...


gezeiten (tides)

gezeiten deals with text in videos. In the Video text gains the leading part. The text itself refers to its urban environment. On the edge of readability it seems to be a digital motion graphic. ...



The series pierrot shows the shifting between real/irreal. All pictures have been taken on the christmas markets of Berlin | december 2012



we are having delay | 2013-


beyond repair

Beyond repair ist a concept for the reasonable use of this geration of 3d-printers. It was build around the question how one could use rapid prototyping methods to improve or alter already existing things around ...


this land is our land.

This land is our land is dealing with urban borders. Fences, walls oder bushes are excluding the passerby. They are protecting private grond. this might be a real protection, as for governemental buildings or just ...


check your smile!

The comprehensive surveillance is permanently increasing. Check you smile! is hijacking one of these surveillance tools to point it back to it self. With a drone it is literally possible to hold a mirror up ...



Development of a corporat identity for a personal training & nutritional advice start-up in Altdorf. | april 2011  



Development of a corporate identity for an imaginary restaurant with focus on simple dishes. | february 2012


analogue bridge

Analogue bridge is dealing with the difficulty of copy right. It picks up the so called analoge gap in the German copy right. This allows the circumvent of the copy protection of digital media, as ...